The Weeds Shall Inherit

The Weeds Shall Inherit is the story of six teenagers coming together at a prestigious mental health facility known for its innovative treatment techniques and its Hollywood patients. As they dine on gourmet meals and have all their needs met, these six form bonds with one another, as well as other patients and the staff. They learn exactly who they are as they find answers to all their immediate problems. It seems nothing bad can happen under the protective watch of the clinic.

One by one, they are discharged, sent into a world they are not prepared for. They must work through their failed relationships and hollow lives or settle for being mere statistics.

Covering a ten year span beginning in the late 1990s, The Weeds Shall Inherit is a novel about young people battling themselves to live amongst others. It explores the stigmas of mental health, the role of mental health providers and society, and the importance of acceptance.

Short Pieces

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