Mid-Year Reading Update

Mid-Year Reading Update

As my 2013 Reading Challenge counter showed me getting farther and farther behind for the year, I decided to run some stats. Although us creative type tend not to be very good at statistics and all that technical stuff, you’ll likely not find another group that loves lists and stats more.

So here it is, the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty:

Total 2012 books read by July 1, 2012: 32
Total 2013 books read by July 1, 2013:  23

Total Pages read by July 1, 2012: 9938
Total Pages read by July 1, 2013: 9293*

* If I add in War and Peace, which I’m 1075 pages into, my page count for this year would obviously exceed last year’s. But if I did that, the averages and stats would be all confusing, and I’m not a math major, so why strain myself?

Average page per book 2012 (by July 1, 2012): 311
Average page per book 2013 (by July 1, 2013): 404

Average rating for books read in 2012 (by July 1): 3.70
Average rating for books read in 2013 (by July 1): 3.39

Clearly, I’ve read less books so far this year and enjoyed them less as a whole; however, I’m reading larger books and that is a good thing, ‘ cause I like them THICK.

As for books on my Yearly To-Read Lists, I’m behind, but I was last year, too.
Last year I’d read 10 of the 52 books on my list by July 1. This year I’ve read 6 of the 52. (Maybe I shouldn’t make lists.)

While compiling these stats, I noticed something else: a drastic change in the female-male ratio.
Female-male ratio 2012 (by 7/1): 16:13 – which is the statistical equivalent of 🙂
Female-male ration 2013 (by 7/1): 5:17 – the statistical equivalent of 🙁

What does all this mean and why do you care?
I don’t know and you probably don’t care. But I hope that if nothing else, I’ve encouraged you to make your own stats. Or realize how lame it is to compile statistics about reading when I could just be reading instead.

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