A Leap of Faith, Pt. 1

A Leap of Faith, Part 1

There are some crazy people out there. People who follow their dreams to the edge of the earth with no regard to how illogical it might be to jump. I’ve always liked these sort of people; I felt they had figured out something the rest of us were clueless about. I started thinking that maybe the crazy ones are those who strive for 40+ hour a week jobs and two car garages. So, after years of consideration, I decided to do it. I decided to make the leap.

No, I didn’t quit my job (or literally throw myself from a cliff). Neither of those would have been the right decision for me in my situation. What I did do was cut my hours in half. It’s amazing what one can do with twenty extra hours a week. With twenty extra hours, I can possibly finish The Weeds Shall Inherit this year. With twenty extra hours, I can take an active part in the education of my children. With twenty extra hours, I can be involved in things that interest me without worry of “how am I going to fit that into our busy schedule?”

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Yes, but how much money have you saved up? How much are you making an hour? What other kind of support do you have?” Et cetera. Those are valid questions I myself would ask, and I’ll candidly address them in the follow up to this post. For now, let me just say that for most of us, it takes faith to follow your dreams. If you wait for your dreams to come to you while your time is invested elsewhere, your dreams will likely never show, or you’ll miss them when they do. This half-time experiment may fail, and I’m ready to accept that, but I’ll never know unless I try.

So here I go, spreading my arms to the side, leaning over a great chasm of faith, hoping something breaks my fall.

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